ENVE Melee Frame 56cm

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Real-World Fast

The Melee takes design cues from our own Custom Road, but where the Custom Road prioritizes customization, the Melee prioritizes efficiency and speed.


With geometry optimized around 27 to 32 mm tires, the Melee dials up the versatility with the ability to fit up to 35 mm tires, allowing you to tune your Melee to meet the needs of the day.


At the foundation of performance are bike fit and geometry. If those two fundamentals are not established, all the engineering wizardry won’t save your ride. You need a sound fit and refined geometry to give you the confidence and comfort needed to tap into your bike’s performance. Offered in seven sizes with five fork rakes, the Melee has your ideal fit in mind – like no other race bike on the market.

Ride Tuned

While three fork rakes can service the bulk of the rider’s needs, we’ve added two extra fork rakes to specifically accommodate the smallest and largest of riders. This ensures that the Melee, regardless of size, will deliver the same level of responsive, confidence-inspiring handling required of a race bike.

Product Specs

Frame Specs
Frame Material ENVE M.O.D Carbon
Fork Material ENVE M.O.D Carbon
Target Application Road Race/Performance
Sizes (cm) 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60
Fork Rake 55, 51, 47, 43, 39
Frame Size/Fork Rake 47cm/55, 50cm/51, 52cm/47, 54cm/47,
56cm/43, 58cm/43, 60cm/39
Frame Weight 850g +/- 2% (Size 56, Painted, No Hardware)
Headset ENVE Integrated IS52/IS52 Internal Drop-In
Headset Bearing 1.5″ IS52 Upper and Lower
Seat Post Diameter ENVE Aero
BB Type T47 Inboard Bearing
Brake Mount Flat Mount
Front Axle 12×100 (Total Length: 122, TP:1.5, TL:15)
Rear Axle 12×142 (Total Length: 168, TP:1.0, TL:14)
Minimum Tire Size 25c
Optimal Tire Size 27c-32c
Maximum Listed Tire Clearance 35c
Frame Routing Internal



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